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I Don’t know if you missed it but the JPost went from a respectable daily to a publication of low quality with a couple of excellent authors still. They publish outright nonsense without restraint or shame.

The JPost is aggressively for the center, trashing anything that’s not. It’s the only Israeli outlet with good Gay news reporting. It also clearly made a solid commitment against racism in its reporting. It has good science and legal reporters. On Judaism, they seek conflict and strife and know zero. Their ‘celebrated’ Arab Affairs correspondent makes things up as he goes.

I freely comment on their site. All of my comments you may find here, with links to the original nonsense. The newest comments are on top.

The JPost refuses to give a link to my comments. Here’s what you can do to read my comments in the JPost in the last 30 days: Go to the Jerusalem Post site. Find a comment by MMvanZuiden. Click on the letter M before the comments field.

Overview Internet News in English on Israel

The Algemeiner is a bit right-wing leaning but excellent and honest. Arutz7 is well-informed on West-Bank issues but often has a right-wing bias. The Jewish Press may at times have all the right-wing trash but also excellent stuff on science and Orthodox Judaism. World Israel News often just spews right-wing propaganda and conspiracy theories. Israel Hayom I don’t know really. Ynet in English is quick but superficial will bad English.

The Times of Israel is a bit left-leaning but excellent and honest. Haaretz doesn’t have just a left-wing bias. It outright creates scandals instead of just reporting them, suitable ammunition for anti-Semites or anti-Zionists. Their science reports are good. It is well-trusted all over the world while it’s worse than the Pravda was in Stalin’s Russia: completely unreliable.

Every international press agency is absolutely unreliable in its reporting on Israel, always biased against it, at times, blatantly so and sometimes, more subtly. Often, the local journalist is OK, but editors will ‘adjust’ his voice.

Please use your critical sense about anything you read anywhere.

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Hatred from Christians who love Jews and Israel

After 2,000 years of Christian hatred of Jews, it seems like a miracle that, after Auschwitz, there are Christians, by the millions, who declare to love us. But how miraculous is that really?

For starters, there have always been individual Monotheists and Monotheist leaders who loved Jews. Leaders and simple believers.

And, in our secular epoch, there are individual more-or-less-Atheist Gentiles and their leaders who love Jews. Russian dictators Putin is one.

I’ve met and befriended generous Gentiles who love Jews. No doubt about it. Their respect for and interest in Jews and Judaism are genuine. They like us and stand with us. They are often not leaders but simple believers in Christianity. There are whole nations like that like the Filipinos. About them, I’m not writing the below critical words! They’re my friends.

Hatred and Love

Every year, we’re presented a list of Christian leaders from around the globe who are for Israel. By Israel, they mean the Jewish People and State. However, some people in that list are problematic and so is the list.

Note that some prominent Israel friends are missing. Where’s the only second RC leader of the Free World, US president Joe Biden, who often credits his religion? Neither included is the leader of over a billion Roman Catholics, the Pope. Staunch Israel supporter Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is out too. This can’t be because of anti-Catholicism since Baptist VP Pamela Harris is omitted. Why? They’re not right-wing. Apparently. But, why is the very vocal, right-wing, Christian, Israel-adoring, leading Mike Huckabee excluded from this list? Is it because he’s not a racist?

To add hurt to injury, some say that Trump, the first self-declared (and obvious) Atheist US President, should’ve been included. Need I say more?

This hints at greater problems with these 50 leaders. Many (I wouldn’t say all—I’ve not checked them all out) hate anything progressive, including Science (vaccinations, masks) which is progression (and fact-) based.

This, while most Jews are humanists. Judaism has an important humanist section from which humanism and democracy and science have sprouted. Most Jews don’t have a problem with and support LGBTQIA+, feminism (abortion rights), BLM, etc. We are a loving crowd who put people first.

Now, should we be happy with the support by people who hate left-wing Christians, Atheists, progressives, Muslims, Science, etc., but looove Jews?

But, there is more.

Love and Self-Love

“I love fish,” said the man, and ate it. If he really loved the fish, he would have let it live in the wild and cleaned the water. This ‘fish love’ is actually love for what eating fish does for him. It’s a shallow feeling of self-interest.

Many Christians after Auschwitz love Jews for what Jews do for them. That is not love. That is self-centered sentimentality. Short-term, it’s better than hatred. But there is always the threat that they will explode in Antisemitism again because Jews are not pleasing to them anymore.

Genuine love is based on respect and giving. No one needs sentimentality. Especially not when it is based on self-interest and deception.

But, there is worse.

Annihilation of Jews

There are millions upon millions of Christians and their Churches that want to do away with Jews not physically but spiritually. Let’s not kill them but rather convert them to Christianity. This motive never seems far away from the Christians who ‘looove’ us. But I don’t want to discuss this since they often deny this. Antisemitism and serious lying are blood brothers. Rather, let’s discuss something they can’t deny.

Hardly any Christians who looove Jews protest or work against the millions of Christians who try to proselytize Jews up-and-until today.

Worse, they don’t do anything to liberate the many Jews who already were spiritually kidnapped by Christianity, finishing Hitler’s work.

Our Genuine Friends

I believe that many Christians and Catholics really have respect for Jews. I call upon them to seek leaders who share their opinion and feelings. And let them be steeped in love, not hatred. If these leaders hate all people under the sun who thinks differently from them, including Judaism and humanism practicing Jews, they’re no good match to us—or you, I’m sure. And—worse—they are ineffective against hatred of Jews. Most telling of love for Jews will be Christians who organize to guide Jews captured by Christianity back home to Judaism and humanism. Now, that would be a real break with the Inquisition, Crusades, and Holocaust.

Analysis: the origin of the novel coronavirus seems clear now

There were four plausible origins of the COVID-19 virus. With the latest news, I think that we can safely reduce that to one or two.

  1. The virus jumped from a bat onto a human and proved or became transmittable between humans.
  2. One or more individuals purposefully released the virus from the specialized Wuhan lab to infect people, a form of non-State terrorism.
  3. On government orders, the virus was purposefully released from the specialized Wuhan lab to infect people, a form of biological warfare.
  4. The virus accidentally was released from the specialized Wuhan lab infecting people.

It seems clear to me that the news implies that dictatorial China not only refuses liberal research to find out where the virus originated but is also actively hindering such efforts.

This has enormous potential to exclude and implicate actors.

(1) If the origin was a simple animal-to-human infection, there would be no reason to hide it. Even more so, China could show its scientific powers if it could pinpoint where en when this jump happened, and even try to find Patient zero.

(2) If China, and thereby the whole world, was the victim of terrorism, would not the dictatorship of China immediately publish such a victimization? It would win widespread sympathy and solidarity. In viciously totalitarian Orwellian China, it is unthinkable that such terrorism would not be discovered. And the culprits publicly humiliated and executed. China not publishing this terrorism means it didn’t happen.

(3) If Communist China would have thought to unleash a vicious virus on the world, several things should have happened first. The Chinese army and leaders would first have been vaccinated. The virus would have been tested on its political prisoners and in its ethnic concentration camps. (This may sound cynical but is completely logical if one wants to mass murder.) It would have dumped the virus in the West and not have it circulate through its own citizens close to the lab it was grown in. It would have stockpiled vaccines to sell them for exorbitant amounts and pose as humanity’s savior. It would also not have given an early warning to the US President: “This is not the normal flu.” (You could say: But they knew he was a lazy political imbecile. Yet, he could have passed on the information to capable people.)

(4) If Communist ‘Utopian’ China would blunder and such a virus had escaped, it would block the news about it. It would threaten physicians not to publish anything. Exactly as happened. It would block any later attempt at finding out what happened. All exactly as it happened.

Now China purposefully hinders research about the virus’ origin, the only remaining reasonable explanation is that it accidentally escaped from the Wuhan lab.

As in any scientific finding, the answer only evokes more questions. What was this virus doing in the lab? Where they busy finding a vaccine? Were they trying to preempt hostile countries turning this virus into a bioweapon? Were they trying to preempt a spontaneous epidemic? Were they busy shaping it into a bioweapon?

The Times of Israel could not publish this even after 7 hours but in that time published dozens of other posts. I know when mine is not welcome. Their loss.

A rabbi, imam, and pastor enter a multi-faith ‘House of One’

I’m all for Muslims and Christians learning to pray together. But please leave the Jews out of it. Jews don’t belong in such a crowd. Why?

First, Jews are separate from everyone else, as I’ve explained at length.

Second, there is no equality. We come to teach others, not to be equal.

Third, in such a mixture, the Jewish voice gets lost. Especially because the other two partners believe in winning proselytes and they are with billions.

Especially at the cradle of Reform Judaism and lehavdil Nazis, Germany, such an ecumenical move is totally the wrong thing to do.

Just imagine the Jews withdraw from this. Nothing bad will happen.

Just imagine the Muslims withdraw. You just laid the cornerstone for and legitimized a Jews-For-Jesus congregation.

Even separately, a church and a synagogue in one building is a bad idea.

I even protest although the rabbi in this case is not a rabbi for the Orthodox community. Who needs missionaries with such a rabbi?

Some people never learn from history. My problem is not even that this rabbi doesn’t know Halachah. He doesn’t know Jewish history. History only doesn’t repeat itself if you learned from it. The problem with the rise of Nazis in Germany was not that the Jews were wary of assimilation.

We need to live (and pray) separately. The Torah and Jewish Law tell us.

Orthodox Jews are used to doing things that challenge us, are hard on us. To comfort the disturbed, but to disturb is comfortable. Just say no.

Wat is het practische verschil tussen genealogen en historici?

De meeste genealogen zijn democraten. Ze bestuderen iedereen die in een bepaald gebied en tijd leefde. Heerlijk om zo’n democratisch archief binnen te stappen waar de opperrabbijn en de metselaar evenveel plaats innemen. Zo’n namenmonument waarbij iedere vermoorde 1 baksteen krijgt.

De elitegeschiedschrijving die ik op de middelbare school leerde is gelukkig achterhaald. Kinderen leren nu niet alleen over de adel en vorsten en hoe de rijken de wereld veroverden, bezetten, regeerden en exploiteerden. Ze leren ook over hoe de gewone bevolking leefde en de maarschappij werkte. Armen doen mee, vrouwen ook, en zelfs niet-blanken bevolkingen.

Maar Joodse historici, de goeden niet te na gesproken, zijn dikwerf nog steeds uitsluitend (het goede woord!) bezig met de rijken. Deftig en voornaam moet onderzocht, het pleps is niet zo belangrijk. Dat bestaat of bestond alleen om de rijken hun vermogen te laten verdienen. Dus horen we doorlopend over de stambomen van ‘belangrijke’ mensen en roof en terugvordering van schilderijen. De meeste Joden bezaten niet eens eigen meubels maar dat waren ‘onbelangrijke’ mensen voor wie je je hoort te schamen en die een schandvlek op de Joodse geschiedenis zijn: negeren.

En zo bevestigen deze aftandse Joodse historici het beeld van de doorsnee antisemieten dat alle Joden rijk zijn en helpen ze mee aan het intimideren van het Joodse proletariaat. Om erger te voorkomen.

Nog steeds helpen de deftige (bekakte) academici vooral de rijke Joden. En dat is allemaal assimilatie aan niet-Joodse normen. Hoezo? Dat was in de Gouden Eeuw wel anders. Noodopgravingen voor de bouw van de metro in Amsterdam leerden dat de stenen huizen op het Waterlooplein verspreid over die informele Jodenbuurt stonden. Ertegen leunde dan de wat zwakkere huizen en daartegen leunden dan de allekrakkemikkigste bouwseltjes. Het elitisme komt niet uit Joodse bron.

Ik weet niet wat er moet gebeuren om Joodse geschiedschrijving te ont-elitiseren. Maar het eerste dat er moet gebeuren is het aankaarten en het bestempelen als achterhaalde, onetische en onwetenschappelijke onzin.

We know the world’s leading press lies about Israel but it’s worse on Syria

Calling a spade a spade, truth to power

How do leading international press organizations have the audacity to claim that Syria’s dictator just ‘won’ ‘the elections’ with 95% of the vote?

They even admit that:

  • All 5 million voters who fled the war-torn country could not vote. Or as one press agency words it, they “refrain[ed] from voting.”
  • Some 8 million voters in areas where his opposition (the Kurds) is strong were excluded too.
  • These 5 plus 8 million are half the population. But they report “voter turnout was around 78%, with more than 14 million Syrians taking part.”
  • They quote the Assad’s government that says the election “shows Syria is functioning normally despite the decade-old conflict.
  • There was no freedom to campaign or even run for the office.
  • There was no international supervision.

It also touts a “a UN-led peace process” no one has ever heard of.

And then they claim: “European and US governments blame Assad and his aides most of the war’s atrocities.” No, they don’t just blame him. They researched it in depth and come with lots of proof.

And then they write that regime “opponents and the West say [it] was marked by fraud.” It wasn’t marked by fraud. It was fraudulent, 100%.And then their preposterous conclusion:

“Assad …’s re-election is likely to deepen the rift with the West, driving him closer to Russian and Iranian backers as well as China.” What total nonsense! He’s not re-elected. Just, his dictatorship continues. The ‘election victory’ was certain. And, of course, is he seeking cooperation with the largest dictatorships in the world, Russia and China.

My next wonderment is how any outlet passes on this nonsense and pretends it’s informative. This is beyond fake news. By the Free Press.

The elites in the Netherlands will stay anti-Jewish for now

I’ve mentioned before that the elites in the Netherlands are the most anti-Jewish on average though they typically hide that and claim their innocence saying things like “But I have Jews under my best friends. I’ve even played tennis with one.” Not anymore. Not that they now suddenly and en masse turned really allies of Jews. No, the other change: they’re not hiding irritation about Jews anymore.

Like the joke of the man who says to his friend: “You planned to take your son to a psychologist because he was so ashamed for still bedwetting. Did you go?” “Yes.” “And did it help?” “Totally. He’s no longer ashamed of it.”

I don’t know personally any of the 573 and counting academics who signed a Dutch-English anti-Israel petition. They “call on the Dutch government to take action to achieve a just peace by cutting all economic, political, and military relations with Israel.” They also call on the academic world to boycott Israeli academic institutions. Since the Netherlands used to be a colonial power, they think it important to support the decolonization of Palestine. They defend this with the well-known most recent infamously mendacious reports by B’tselem and Human Rights Watch. We’re not surprised that their Dutch sister organization brings the news prominently.

I may not know them but we have the names (and workplaces) of those who signed and there is something in a name. Maybe not in every individual name but on a group of names, some conclusions can be proposed. Because I saw so many Muslim names, I decided to count the names in line with their apparent ethnicity.

  • Some 22 names (4%) on the list may be typically Jewish though they don’t have to be themselves. More likely, they indicate someone with a Jewish father, grandfather, or father-in-law. (Dutch intermarried Jews were last on the Nazi list for transportation and the war was over before their turn had come. Therefore, someone with a typically Jewish family name from the Netherlands is most of the time not Jewish for Orthodox-Jewish Law. Jews there on average have a non-Jewish last name.)
  • Some 316 names (55%) seem typically not autochthon Dutch. Of them, 129 seem Muslim (23% of the total list). Again, this might indicate someone with foreign roots, a child or a partner of someone with an immigrant background, or an autochthon-Dutch person who converted to Islam.
  • And some 235 names (41%) seem typically autochthon Dutch (the Netherlands and Belgium). Again, they might just be married to someone with a Dutch Christian name.

I was curious enough to hold an absolutely unrepresentative sample of at least one from the above groups I created. But not a random name. Since the list is not alphabetical but apparently in order of signing, I took the first of each group.


The first signee with a Jewish name. In this case a first name.

Sai Englert is a lecturer at Leiden University. We hit the jackpot. Five years ago the BBC identified him as a Jewish student. Then he was also pleading for Palestinians but very much against BDS. Not anymore, it seems. His professional page mentions that he also works on ‘settler colonialism.’ Not your average right-winger, it seems.

He also writes about Antisemitism. From him this beauty: “The contemporary struggle against anti-Semitism cannot be … effective without demanding that the fate of Jewish communities be disentangled from … the continuation of Israeli settler-colonialism.”

His family name is British and he doesn’t look very Dutch. His Dutch mother (?) is an assistant professor and also on the list.

A fuller scope of his hatred for the Jews of Israel becomes clear with him chanting for genocide: “Oh Qassam, Oh friend, strike, strike Tel Aviv”:

Immigrant or Muslim

The first seemingly immigrant signee is Dr. Saori Shibata. She comes from the UK and lectures about changes in the Japanese economy.

The first seemingly Muslim signee is Dr. Sheikh Shams Morsalin. However, he’s an associate professor from Ghent University, Belgium.

The first Dutch Muslim signee seems to be Dr. Haneen Omari. On her professional web page, she compares Jews in Israel to cancer cells. I would say: I love you too.

Christian or Secular

The first seemingly autochthon signee also opens the list of the signees. Dr. Christian Henderson.  Doesn’t his first name say it all?

On his professional web page, he defines himself as “a scholar of political economy and development in the Middle East.” He also was an Al Jazeera journalist in Qatar. Not my idea of an independent scientist. Engaged yes, independent no. Neither Al Jazeera nor Qatar would tolerate evenhanded reporting.

So, we are not surprised to find a May 15, 2021, Twitter message from him that reads: “I am an academic and I call for a free Palestine and an end to the Israeli state’s apartheid. This is integral to both my moral world view and my scholarship” – not a friend of Israel or the Jews, so to see. In fact, the web has many examples of his hostility to the Jewish State.

Not recommended to listen to this interview with him. Every third word is “eh.” What a great lecturer. That sometimes indicates a con artist. I have found that there are no honest leading Israel haters. They’re all big liars. They don’t have different views from Zionists, they rather have alternative ‘facts.’ Also, not an ounce of humility what he says about academics.

The top 20 of the list counts many people from Leiden University so he likely first went around to his local buddies to sign. During WW II, the Rector Magnificus of Leiden was the only academic in the Netherlands who closed the university when the Nazi occupier excluded the Jews. Therefore, Leiden has a name to uphold. And yes, the present University Head rejects the call to boycott by some 140 of her employees which she calls at odds with the Dutch Constitution that forbids discrimination! But then, Henderson volunteers to this most prestigious but fiercely anti-Israel Dutch newspaper that he aims at “boycotting institutions, not people.” There went my last hope that he could be just an honest idiot. The above quotes show that signees are very much hateful of Israelis, not just Israel.

Anti-Jewish After the War

One of the signees works at the wrong workplace for this. It concerns a researcher from the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies. South African Kylie Thomas studies women, photography, and resistance in and after WW II. Someone who researches WW II in the Netherlands should not favor an academic boycott of Israel. Ex-Nazis seem OK but not people who still don’t want the Dutch to buy from Jews.


This boycott is the reverse of what should happen. In the Netherlands, like in neighboring Germany, the autochthons should insist that new immigrant unlearn their antisemitism. Instead, the newly Dutch have helped the Dutch who strongly dislike Jews to come out of the closet.

Recently, the Dutch King and PM movingly (and finally) have apologized for the lack of resistance against and collaboration with the Nazi Holocaust during WW II. But the process of ending Jew-hatred under the population (and in the national news media), especially among the well-to-do, has not even gotten started. An exception is the Dutch Evangelicals.

Also Tue, Germany?

PS: Seeing the international anti-Zionist support at the Dutch universities, it should come as no surprise that we’re dealing with an international phenomenon, old-school Western Jew-haters teaming up with old-school Muslim Jew-haters. And, indeed, in Germany now, the same is found.

The Times of Israel rejected this blog post commenting with a sweeping generalization: “This post is not accepted for publication. It contains sweeping generalizations against an entire class of people, and singles out individuals as well.” What they try to hide in their vague rejection is that the TOI is allergic for any criticism of Muslims and groups of Muslims. You need to write before and after any criticism of any of them that you don’t mean all Muslims. Even when they are Israel-haters (antisemites). Never mind that the source of every harsh criticism is given in a hyperlink. Their always growing animosity against me makes that they don’t even give me a chance to edit it to their liking anymore. In the past, I’ve tried arguing with them which has let them to verbal abuse me and close my blog. Sad.

How free is Israel’s English free press?

When I was in telephonic sales for Dutch newspapers (for 12 years), I learned that a negative opinion about our papers was not necessarily an indication that the reader was not interested. Longer and more detailed objections were signs that our paper was read very well and long by the potential client. So, I learned to listen to all the objections and then reply: May I sign you up for more? Most of the time the answer was yes.

The Jerusalem Post has some strong writers on a select number of subjects but it’s now a far cry from what it used to be. However, in one thing in particular, they are stronger than any other quality Israel-focused outlet.

They don’t remove comments critical of them. And I can know. Half of their articles I comment on and 90% I trash what’s written. It’s good for their money because I stay more seconds on their site and so do others reading my (and others’) comments. It’s not altruism. It also makes me more fond of them. It’s as if they are willing to listen to what I write.

Unfortunately, very different policies seem in place at the left-leaning Times of Israel, rabid anti-Zionistic Haaretz, or ultra-nationalistic Arutz7. There, any comment by me is automatically removed. If I refresh after posting, my comment disappeared. These consumers of a free press and self-declared defenders of free speech don’t want this in their own house.

Of course, I could just write my nationalistic comments on the Arutz7 site, my humanist ones on the Haaretz site, and my middle-of the-road ones at the Times of Israel site, but that feels opportunistic and dishonest.

Yes, their policy means that many comments on the Jerusalem Post site are extremist. Yet, that gives me beautiful opportunities to show good hasbara, arguments to counter Anti-Zionist or anti-Judaistic comments. I want to call upon all of them to welcome dissidents. No, they don’t need to leave bigoted reactions (they shouldn’t). But open dissent should be OK. The time has gone that only a token amount of reaction could be printed. They’re free to publish whatever they wish. Will they allow others this too? Yes, the Times has opened its arms to 10,000 bloggers, no questions asked. That’s still not the same as welcoming (all) readers’ comments.

The Times of Israel refused to publish this. They replied to me:

If you have a complaint about your comments disappearing on The Times of Israel, please email […], and we’ll see if we can get to the bottom of it. As far as we know, you are not blocked from commenting, and nobody is deleting your comments. A blog post, especially in the current milieu, is not the way to address this.

Of course I did, not believing them. The issue was not me being censored but that they sensor anyone. I asked a friend to ask them exactly what they requested:

“Dear Editor,
Any comments to the Times of Israel articles are automatically removed as soon as I post them.

I was advised to ask you to find out what can be done about it. If you receive this request in error, could you please direct this request to people at the TOI who are in charge of this?

My Facebook account is: […]

If you don’t intend to solve this, you don’t need to answer me.


After a couple of days, she reminded them:


Please note this email in case you missed it, or it didn’t arrive.

Thank you.”

No reply, no action. She can still not comment. Then I wrote to them:

“Dear Editor,

You rejected my blog post saying that I should sort out my problems with the TOI in communication with you instead of blogging about it. However, my point was not that I have a problem with the TOI but that the TOI, together with two other quality outlets, has a problem with respecting readers’ feedback. The rejection of this blog post also smacks after this.

However, I asked a friend to write exactly what you requested, to be allowed to comment again. She did not get a reply. She sent a reminder. She did not get a reply. Her comments are still automatically removed.

Therefore, to show that no one is perfect, even the TOI not, would you still publish my critical blog post? Just like saying sorry doesn’t diminish our standing, allowing for criticism doesn’t make us look bad.

You never had a problem with my vitriolic blog post about the Jerusalem Post. And your motto is fair reporting. I hope you don’t take this call for fairness as an encouragement to now also begin blocking criticisms on other publications.

Fairness, honesty, and freedom of expression are almost all I expect.

I would be so happy to add to my blog post: “Because of this blog post, an internal discussion has taken place, and the TOI has decided from now on to remove all automatic cancellation of comments. Instead, it will expect readers to report abuse or bigotry, after which, when found to be true, they will remove only that comment.”

However, I’m not looking for a fight with you. It’s your paper, it’s your editing of blogs. Your generous acceptance and editing of so many bloggers is unique and looks very good on you. So if that’s what there is, so be it.


There came a swift reply, still the same day. After first denying that anybody’s comments are automatically removed, a senior editor confirmed to me that “some people have been blocked from commenting after incendiary comments, but those people do usually know who they are (and their comments are not removed; they never appear).” Back to the denial, she added “Nobody is out to delete comments from the site — honestly, we don’t have time.” That was the point exactly. That it’s done automatically. She then added that this is a policy of years already. I just reiterated my request is to empty out the blacklist of individuals.

In the reply it was denied “that one incendiary comment will get a commenter blocked from commenting.” That is strange because an hour before, she wrote that they don’t have the time to evaluate comments. So, keeping track of which persons left “incendiary comments” is not possible. But they’re willing to check if any of my comments are removed (stating before that no comments are removed but don’t even appear in the case of blacklisting). Well, I know they are. But I’m not the issue. The issue is that the Jerusalem Post allows a vibrant discussion and the TOI, Arutz7, and Haaretz do not.

She added (not so) finely: “I don’t know how much time you spend reading the talk-backs, but given how many vituperative, vile comments remain, you can imagine how bad it must be for one to be blocked.” Having had dozens of my blog posts rejected by the TOI, I don’t doubt that I’m considered bad enough to be blocked automatically permanently. And who knows how many with me. But when you see the lively discussions at the JPost and the pastoral silence at the TOI, you’ll have a clue.

Bio-psychiatry is more dangerous than cloning people

Those most unable to admire the human brain are exploiters of humans

Some people can get so enthusiastic about the newest technical advances in weaponry that they seem to forget that war is terrible.

Some are so fascinated by bio-chemic muddling in the human brain that they forget that all this can do is numbing and impairing the mind.

The greatest danger of human cloning is that some nation will clone a whole army of sub-intelligent soldiers and laborers who will feel no pain or strain, will follow every command, and will not demands any rights.

This is the same for bio-psychiatry. Only: It is much easier and faster to drug or bio-chip people into numbness, slavishness, and obedience.

The bio-psychiatric pharmacology promoters shrewdly use the ignorance and naivety of reporters of quality outlets to spread the ‘great news of progress’ in taking over the brain. They’re crueler than murderers.

Their pretext is always a desperate bid to cure people who are suffering a lot. The real reasons are:

·       To make colossal profits and maybe become famous

·       To create sub-intelligent humanoids for resistless exploitation

·       To bypass ethics, needs, and demands of workers and soldiers.


The fabulous human brain makes no basic mistakes. When it makes us feel awful, it has estimated that it’s high time to work out an old fear or loss. All Freud has done is to out-reason the vulnerable clients. All modern psychiatry does is to fool the brain or drug it into silence.

Listen to those freed from decades of use of psychotropic drugs, robbed of their personality, and reduced to zombies. Very similar to lobotomy.

There is no harmless manipulation of the human brain (or the media). Massages fool the brain, hypnosis lets the owners give free roaming by aliens in their gray matter, shock and knife ‘therapy’ actually destroy part of the brain, and psychiatric drugs put much of its function on hold.

What only actually helps and doesn’t hurt someone already in distress is a friendly patient listening with high but relaxed expectations.

Thereby, it must be remembered that tears, shivers, laughter, talking, yawning, and the like are signs the brain is right now recovering, not signs that the person is experiencing new distress. The kind thing to do is to be with them until it’s done, not to interrupt, and not to distract.

This has been true for babies, and for humans of all ages.

While you listen, you may feel awful, but after they’re done, look at them! I tell you, it’s worth the self-control as a therapist.

Disclaimer: In extreme cases, pharmaceutical drugs may be the short-term treatment of choice, but certainly not on the scale they are used now. In any case, if you are already on such drugs, you may need professional assistance to safely go off of them and plan support for what comes next.


Please try this and help stop the fake news that the brain could ‘have a chemical imbalance’ and other hot air. Never believe the manipulators.

Yes, it’s confusing. Many conspiracy theorists are anti-scientific. But bio-psychiatry has taken over the scientific world. Remember that psychiatry is a fake science. So, only anti-psychiatry can be really scientific, rooted in findings, in believing clients, and your own eyes, and not in making a huge profit. (Anti-psychiatry that makes a huge profit is also only theft.)


The Times of Israel did not allow me to add a disclaimer (see above) but rather removed this blog post after 24 hours with this comment:

On a second review, we believe this post violates our community guidelines by offering dangerous medical advice and have decided to remove it from the site. The pharmaceutical industry is far from being above reproach, as is the field of psychiatry. However, the claims in this post go to an extreme that we feel can potentially cause harm. We don’t expect you to agree and you are certainly welcome to seek a different platform on which to publish these claims. Thanks for your understanding.

It is scary to see how powerful the psycho-pharmaceutical industry is. And, just like they will not listen to their clients, they also will block any free discussion on the matter.

And I’m kind of shocked that they allow (!) me to publish this elsewhere.

Though the editors know nothing about Medical Science, they feel competent enough to deem other posts not ‘medically dangerous.’

De Nederlandse filosoof Hans Achterhuis is een idioot

De Nederlandse filosoof Hans Achterhuis is een idioot

Nederlanders zijn zo recht voor z’n raap dat anderen het vaak verkeerd interpreteren als onbeleefd

An English translation can be found here (daar is de Engelse vertaling).

Het zou zomaar kunnen dat we volstrekt vrij zijn om ofwel hopeloos te zuchten en ons slecht te voelen dat de Jodenhaat zo onverwoestbaar lijkt, of om dankbaar te zijn voor de nieuwe gelegenheid om weer wijds enkele degelijke tegengif-ideeën tegen de oudste haat ter wereld te verspreiden.

Begrijp me niet verkeerd. Ik zeg niets negatiefs over mensen met een laag IQ. Maar de emeritus hoogleraar is zo stom geweest om over Joden en Israël te praten terwijl hij er niets van weet. En het resultaat is schokkend. Ook zijn verduidelijkingen laten zien dat hij echt niets over ons weet.

Hoewel hij klinkt als een antisemiet, en zelfs meer zo in zijn nadere uitleg, denk ik dat je een domkop geen racist kunt noemen. Hij heeft hierover geen ziertje gezond verstand. Als een mening of idee niet serieus genoeg is, kun je het niet tegenspreken. Als het a priori waardeloos is, kun je er niks op afdingen. Als het erg genoeg is, wordt het inhouds-, betekenisloos.

Zijn uitspraken over Joden en Israël lijken op het volgende: “Zolang er dinosauriërs in de buurt waren, liepen kleinere dieren constant gevaar. Zolang er lange mensen zijn, zullen kleine mensen in angst leven.” Dit is zo’n onzin dat je niet weet waar je moet beginnen met het weerleggen.

Hetzelfde geldt voor zijn woorden over Joden. Ik parafraseer deze beroemde Nederlandse denker, geboren in 1942 in een christelijk gezin: “Idealistische mensen, gemotiveerd door echt morele overtuigingen en principes vanuit seculiere of religieuze bewegingen, kunnen enorme schade aanrichten wanneer ze politieke macht krijgen. Zie de westelijke Jordaanoever. Joden doen daar dingen die ze in Europa nooit hebben gedaan. Dit lijkt op christenen die 2000 jaar geleden werden vervolgd, maar toen christendom een staatsgodsdienst werd, begonnen ze anderen verschrikkelijk te onderdrukken.” Laat me een snelle opsomming geven van wat hier mis is:

• Heeft hij enig idee wat er op de Westelijke Jordaanoever gebeurt? Elke Jood die daar gewelddadig is schendt de Israëlische wet.

• Weet hij zelfs in wat voor soort slechte buurt Israël ligt, en hoe moreel en zoet de meeste Joden, en de IDF, tegen de klippen op zijn?

• Weet hij wel dat Israël een democratische, seculiere staat is met een bijna volledige scheiding tussen religie en staat, beter dan in Nederland? Hier krijgen werknemers vakantiedagen tijdens hun eigen feestdagen. (In Nederland is niet-Joodse privilege nog steeds de norm.)

• Weet hij niet op zijn minst dat Joden een volk zijn met een rijke cultuur, waarvan een levensstijl en religie deel uitmaken die het jodendom wordt genoemd? Misschien de hoogste tijd dat hij zelf een onderscheid maakt tussen onze natie en religie? (Beseft hij niet dat het een ongepaste chutzpa is voor een niet-Jood om te beginnen met het uitleggen van het jodendom, zoals hij ook doet, wat doet denken aan vervangingstheologie, religieuze verduistering en culturele genocide? Vraag ons om het uit te leggen!)

• Tientallen volkeren zijn na WO II onafhankelijk geworden. Weet hij niet dat het problematisch is om het speciaal op Joden te munten?

• Weet hij in elk geval dat antisemitisme springlevend is, zowel in Nederland als in de wereldpolitiek, waardoor Israël kwetsbaarder dan machtig is? (En ‘Joodse macht’ is een bedekte toespeling van Jodenhaters. Haaretz, het NOS tv-nieuws en het ANP liegen te vaak over Israël.)

• Hoe durft een Europeaan de Joden te normaliseren? Weet hij niet dat Joden uitzonderingen zijn op bijna alle geschiedkundige wetten? Voelt hij geen schaamte, terughoudendheid of nederigheid vanwege het fiasco van Nederland ten opzichte van de Joden in WO II, dat hem ervan zou kunnen weerhouden om luchthartig over Joden te praten? (Het is niet nodig om onze voeten te kussen, maar waarom niet een beetje respect tonen?)

• Hoe durft hij millennia van christelijk staatsterrorisme gelijk te stellen aan een paar criminelen in Israël? Dit is het puurste antisemitisme, het bloedige verleden van Europa bagatelliseeren en het Zionisme besmeuren.

• Ziet hij niet dat je al kwaad begaat als je nadenkt over ‘het goede’ aan het machteloos houden van Joden (zwarten, kinderen, vrouwen, enz.)?

• Hij zegt dat veel Joden binnen en buiten Israël het met hem eens zijn. Als veel vrouwen het eens zijn met je seksistische uitspraken, zijn ze nog steeds seksistisch.

• Hij zegt dat hij koosjer is omdat zijn favoriete auteur Hannah Arendt is. Weet hij niet dat velen haar zien als een anti-Joodse fake? Kent hij niet dat Jodenhaters vaak zeggen: “Sommige van mijn beste vrienden zijn Joods”?

• Dus hij is geen voorstander van Jodenhaat. Maar weet hij niet dat de echte grote kracht van antisemitisme komt van de vele nuttige idioten die geen onderscheid kennen tussen de Joden en de vooroordelen tegen hen?

Als ik zijn vriend was, zou ik excuses eisen. Maar ik ken hem niet. Het is mij duidelijk dat hij een theorie heeft opgebouwd en de Joden louter als een illustratie gebruikt. Mijn verzoek: laat ons erbuiten. Ik voel me gewoon gebruikt, als een simpel decorstuk in zijn theorie.

Ernstiger is, dat dit een storm heeft veroorzaakt onder Nederlandse Joden, maar dat de algemene kranten niet geïnteresseerd zijn. Het lijkt erop dat er weinig verbeterd of geleerd is van het verraad tijdens de oorlog. De Joden staan in Nederland nog steeds alleen.


Happy Israeli Onafhankelijkheidsdag, voor moslim lezers: Ramadan kariem!

Chameitz is not radioactive

The key advice is: Calm down

Jews prepare for Passover meticulously but we shouldn’t overdo it. One of the main reasons is that Pesach is a Feast and happiness is mandatory.

There is an unnecessary and unhelpful panic about leavened foodstuff which we are not allowed to eat, have, or show during Jewish Passover.

The stuff is called (in Hebrew) Chameitz.

It’s not radioactive, or dangerous to get close to. Dust is not Chameitz.

If your wife says to clean it, clean it. If your husband thinks he needs to order you around, ask the family rabbi if he’s right.

Places without Chameitz or that you can’t reach don’t need ‘cleaning.’

Unclean kitchenware that we don’t manage to clean can be stored away; a lot of Chameitz on it we can sell, a little, we will nullify.

Dry flour is not Chameitz. Dry wheat cornels are neither. Dogs eat almost anything; but when they wouldn’t eat something, it’s no longer Chameitz. (Some rule, if it reverts to be fit for a dog, its Chameitz status returns.) But Marmite, dry pasta, bread, and flour-based cookies are. You need to learn.

Before Pesach, if Chameitz got into the Pesach food, but you can’t tell and it’s less than a sixtieth of all the ingredients, you will first nullify it on the night before candle lighting with a special solemn declaration you’ll make.

(This year, the day before Pesach (“‘Erev Pesach“) falls on Shabbat, as it rarely does. Then, searching is a day earlier. The final Chameitz nullification is said Shabbat 11 AM-ish since we still have two bread meals on Shabbat.)

We eat, throw, give, sell (and pack) away any large chunks of Chameitz we still own before Pesach. So, there’s no risk it will enter our food.

That is important because, after the onset of Pesach, even a thousandth is not nullified. Therefore, our food should not come into contact with such big pieces of Chameitz that didn’t become nullified before Pesach.

Gentiles are allowed to own Chameitz. Still, also their Chameitz should not sit uncovered in our living spaces or have a chance to get into our food.

Some have a custom not to buy or bring anything into the house during Pesach that could have Chameitz in/on it that we didn’t personally nullify.

The worst problem is eating any Chameitz over Pesach. Chameitz that a Jew owned during Pesach cannot be eaten or profited from after Pesach.

Because of superficial similarities, there are old stringencies for different communities, like not eating a combination of matzo and fluid, or of matzo meal and anything but water, or (anything made from) rice or legumes. Yet, leniencies could apply (ask a rabbi in the know). And in any case, these restrictions aren’t by far as grave as the ban on Chameitz itself.

One of my favorite stories is about this hospitable family (Chabad) that invited (of course) Jews to the Seider evening who didn’t know any Jewish Law. So, one of the guests brought a delicious kosher cake, but not kosher for Pesach. Of course, the hosts didn’t embarrass the guest. They thanked her profusely. In the intermediate days, they buried the Chameitz gift.

In any case, try to learn a little about Pesach (or Shabbat) that it doesn’t seem a time of prohibitions. The injunctions are like the stone chips a stone carver cuts off, in order to bring out the sculpture s/he intended.

If you’re not very excited about Pesach, you’re doing something wrong.

Pesach kasher vesameiach to all Jews. And already Ramadam kareem and good health to all Muslims who soon will celebrate their greatest feast.

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