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The old game still working in US politics: blame the Jews

Israel makes the US now send more troops to the Middle East while Trump wanted to withdrew troops.

Such baseless reporting is just the old anti-Semitic libel that Jews are running the world including the USA.

Never mind that it are the successive US governments that try to dictate Israel’s politics and get frustrated because we’re not obedient enough.

Just matter-of-fact repeating (‘reporting’) such nonsense is like including in a report that a source has said that women are more stupid than men. It’s just the spreading of bigotry.

If Israel and the Jews really had their say, the world would look a whole lot differently, including the attitude of the UN.

State of Israel exploits Filipinos’ poverty and sweetness for substandard wages

No, Israel is not a terrible country for what is stated in the headline. It’s a capitalist country that on top of it must hold on to its Jewish majority. It has absorbed more immigrants than any other country in the world but as the only Jewish State, it needs to prioritize Jewish immigration. Also, Jews are the only People founded on a Mission, and not just a common history. That’s why it’s the only Nation that can’t afford assimilation in a melting pot of Nations. That is not Racism. Anyone who wants and can strengthen the Jewish People is welcome to join. That is a fight against Genocide.

Another Filipino minor and his mother are threatened with inhumane expulsion but that is not the whole problem.

First problem is that Filipinos come here for a couple of years to work for substandard wages that however make their family left behind rich for Philippine standards. How is this possible? Israel has a minimum wage.

The trick is done like this. The migrant worker provides round-the-clock care but is assumed to sleep and take two hours of breaks a day. These hours are not paid for. Then, they have their own room at their employer’s home for which they’re charged rent. What’s left is an effective hourly loan of a third or quainter of the minimum wage. Dirty capitalist tricks.

Still, Israelis too are getting much older and nowadays often need years of care that their children cannot provide because they are raising their own kids (the sandwich generation).

By TOTO LOZANO/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO – Presidential Communications Operations Office website, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72771987

Similarly, Filipinos are exploited like this all over the world in many countries. Israel is no exception. But that still doesn’t make it OK.

Filipinos are supposed to leave Israel after a small number of years or when their third client has died. They’re not allowed more clients.

Some of them have stayed anyway. If they had children who grew up here as any Israeli kid, they are all subject to expulsion. This is obviously inhumane, wrong and unjust.

Frankly, I don’t know a solution. But I do know several things.
1. It’s not OK to underpay workers, even not if they come from poor communities. If there is not sufficient money to pay them properly, other rights should be given.
2. It’s not OK to expel children born in Israel once over the age of 3-4. Or their parents. It’s plain cruel.
3. There is not enough respect and love for Asians because Jews don’t know well enough how un-anti-Semitic they are. Knowing that, everything could change. They are very religious but also very respectful of Jews, never trying to proselytize! We can always use more true friends of the Jews to be citizens of the Jewish State. And we should treat them as such.

The Times of Israel refused this post as not factual. They didn’t like the expression “dirty capitalist tricks.”

How deceit by the IDF is going to inflate Lieberman’s party in the next election

We assumed that the public is sick and tired of the secular carrying most of the burden of serving in the IDF. Well, we ain’t see nothing yet.

It’s not only the problem of your child dying while defending other Jews. How about the parents’ three-year stress per kid if there is going to be a knock on the door with the worse news ever, G^d forbid. Every terrorist attack, every military action, every accident within the IDF, this fear that you get notified with personal details before they are distributed through the media. Maimed, killed or hanging between life and death. I’ve never prayed as fervently as when I had a child in a dangerous army position.

What do you think the news will do that the IDF has been inflating to be double or even triple the real amounts the number of voluntary Charedi conscripts? The votes for Lieberman are going to go through the roof.

This is how Charedi participation in the government came to an end.

The Jerusalem Post uses as lead illustration an anti-Semitic trick photo from five years ago

Anti-Semitism is always rooted in deceit and also here

The Jerusalem-based daily/weekly that used to be Zionistic has published many questionable articles lately. The newest is a fine article that calls out Hallmark for two new ‘Hanukkah movies’ which in fact are anti-Jewish, to say it mildly. So far, so good.

But the illustration of the critique is a five year old picture that is taken under such an angle and from so close-by, that a gigantic Christmas tree behind it disappears behind it. The ground is not in the frame so that one doesn’t ┬ásee the manipulation.

This is what the JPost brings:

A giant menorah stands in front of a Christmas tree at the Brandenburg gate to celebrate Hanukkah in Berlin December 16, 2014 (photo credit: REUTERS/FABRIZIO BENSCH)

And this was reality from a normal angle:


As I found with one quick Google search after my intuition said that something was fishy about the JPost’s illustration and caption.

What will Donald J. Trump be doing in jail?

Congress should call up Rudy Giuliani as a witness and then he should be prosecuted for perjury (and maybe other stuff), so that he can join all the other lawyers and advisors of Trump already incarcerated.

And then, after Trump is released from jail, he can say: I was never locked up, as the fake news is reporting. I was just consulting with my lawyers.

Release Jonathan Pollard from the US!

Again, like the day before, a prominent American has questioned Jews in connection to spying on the US. This all seems a continuous attempt to keep the draconian parole conditions on Pollard, even with his wife being seriously ill, needing his care. This time, a Democratic Senator told the rabid anti-Zionist The Guardian he suspects the Israeli cyber company NSO of spying on the US — the pivotal words.

‘The Jerusalem Post’ is helping to create a new intifada

The once respectable once Zionistic Jerusalem Post, formerly Palestinian Post, continues to spread propaganda from terrorists and other anti-Jewish junk. I’ve signaled many of these instances before but now it has outdone itself by helping to spread a call to start a next intifada.

For several years now, the Palestinian Authority has tried to create a third intifada and it keeps failing at that. So did the first ‘Day of Rage’ it called for past Tuesday. One outlet reports that it was a ‘major flop.’ Well-known anti-Zionist AP reported ‘about 2000’ demonstrators just in Ramallah.

Not so the Jerusalem Post. It claims that ‘thousands participated’ all over the West Bank while others say it was much ado about nothing. Not only that, it reports that the PA President claimed that a Palestinian prisoner had died of cancer and that Israel was responsible and that Palestinians had now only one option left, to start a new uprising. Ridiculous, of course.

But how could this intifada begin if the press doesn’t report the slander and lies, the agitation and incitement? No problem, the Post to the rescue.

The Post reports that he “was arrested in 2002 for his involvement in terrorism.” Nice euphemism! Should we believe that he received three life sentences and an additional 30 years for waving a PLO flag? Not reporting that his family gets handsome amounts of money every month ever since.

Haaretz pretends that its anti-Zionist distortions are fair reporting because this self-hatred is published from Israel. The Jerusalem Post is worse. That is known (still) as a decent, right-wing newspaper. Reader beware!

UK Prince Andrew is not a pedophile

Pedophiles are those who are so repulsed by the idea of sex with any grownup that they can’t have that. Prince Andrew has lovely kids so that’s not his problem. Rather, many grown, especially older, men could like the idea of occasionally sex with a 17-year old. And if one’s raised with an attitude that, as nobility or royalty, one’s deserving more than others, one may find it normal to get anything one wants, through money or privilege.

His damming interview (what an excellent reporter!) had a believability rating of 6%. He just came across as someone lying through his back teeth. Anything that was checkable about his claims was fact-checked within 48 hours and found to be untrue. If he lied about the small stuff, why would anyone believe him on the big stuff? Why did he give this interview in the first place? As Shakespeare wrote already: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” He looks feeling terribly guilty (and agitated every time the interviewer uses the word ‘party.’ One comes away thinking: what on earth has he really done that he’s so defensive?

Worse than his obvious lack of honesty is his apparent moral deficiency. Many thought that he should have begun expressing his sorrow for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein. Instead, he did not say anything of the sort at any time. Even worse, he said repeatedly that, once Epstein was convicted, he had to dissociate himself from him because of what others would think. Not because he found him reprehensible! (I missed reviewers pointing this out but maybe some did.) He keeps talking about his old friend with utter respect and fondness. Without saying: ‘I know what he has done is terrible but I liked him as a person still.’

The best he could do to clear his name now, is to talk to the FBI to help Epstein’s victims — unless he’s done illegal things himself. In that latter case, he’d better disappear from the public eye — though that’s impossible in the UK. But if he has only been morally tone-deaf (which is shocking but not illegal), he should call the FBI today.

Meanwhile, we should remember that laws against grownups having sex with minors are mostly there not to bother pedophiles but rather to help stop opportunists from taking advantage of and hurting the still naive.

The TOI didn’t want this post because the issue was supposedly too delicate. The next day they published a description of the alleged actual statuary rape by the Prince.

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